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Hi and welcome to my blog !


when you forget black and white


when  you understand that your parents are the “REAL SANTA’S “


when there are 160 million+ blogs and i still start a new one hoping for visitors


when you are ready to lose yourself for someone else happiness



when you realize i created the above quotes 🙂

hope it was not that bad !

hey ,are you happy ?

The answer possibly depends on situations ,sometimes you are happy and sometimes you are not .

Some days you miss your breakfast , work day and night that sometimes you probably forget there was a dawn ,you miss some special moments with your family due to over time work and so.
Ever thought why you work so hard that you don’t even have time for yourself ?

your answer would probably to :

  •  earn money
  •  make your family happy
  •  see yourself in a successful position in future
  •  satisfy your needs
But what if someday you want to say your grandchildren your interesting life story ?
what would you probably find ?
  • the days you were rushing up to your office
  • the time you spent blogging how to earn money
  • or about your over time work

terrible feel ,right ?

We all run behind money and in that journey we forget the path of happiness.

If some day god come down to say you that “we are moving to heaven tomorrow ”

what do you think you can take with you?

  • your savings in bank
  • properties
  • your fame and wealth


The place where you can probably be is in someone’s thoughts ,their prayers and in their hearts.

So never waste even a second of your life ,nobody knows what happens next .So try to live every second with fullest satisfaction and happiness  .

This blog is just all about making you happy in possible ways .Making others happy really give you a special feel which nothing else can give .I would be happy if i could make at least some  people happy and bring out smile in their faces 🙂