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Stay cool,everybody probably know MSD (mahendra singh dhoni ) he is very famous not just for his helicopter shot ,but also for his coolness .

1 ball 6 runs this is what is the scenario of world cup final match .Imagine the pressure and critics you have to face when you are to lose the match.

But he just remained cool and finished off the match in the way that everyone remember till now.That is because he did not care about the result he just put in his work .

If you are in a hurry you get pressured up lose your temper and at last lose yourself .Do you know why we sometimes become blank when we are in some important situations like exam halls ,seminar for first time or group conversation?

and everything becomes so clear the moment we come out of exam halls or out of such critical situations ?

One of my psycology professors said ,

“when we are in a stressful situation only a part of our brain is activated ,such that we could recall answers only from that part and all other parts of brain remains inactive or goes to a sleep mode .But if we keep ourselves calm,it would fake out the brain giving it a feel that we are in a leisure mode helping us access the entire brain and recall stuffs .”

When you are calm you learn a lot about people around you and you can feel a peace within yourself .


Never compare yourself with others .

The girl next door may be prettier than you ,your college may be richer than you ,your friend may be a millionaire at his 30’s but you still may be working even in your 40’s.

Remember you lose your happiness and inner peace when you compare yourself with others .You are created in this way because YOU ARE YOU !

Everyone has got their own track to drive some tracks may be clean without bushes thrones and stones and they may even ride with a car .But your track may seems to be covered with bushes with thrones that you wonder if there is track ?!


You are created in this way just because god wants you to learn or meet something interesting in your life.He has got something special in your life and he wants you to meet with it .Your track may be bad now but it may have a blossom  a step ahead .So just stay in your path and never look at others path.


Always be so caring to people around you.Life is like a mirror reflecting what you do to the people.When you show people a random act of kindness at times they need it ,you will get it back by someone else,when you need it .

A lil care when someone is hurt or feeling bad or in want of a supporting hand won’t cost you anything .But it may cause a very changing effect on the person you care upon.Care ,not because they deserve but because you are kind enough to give them a helping hand when they are in need of it .


Be patient .Always be calm and have a CARE FREE ATTITUDE .If the whole of people in the work place is to rebel against you even for the mistake you have not done or if they talk ill about you or mistreat you NEVER CARE  .

Have a thought that they are no way WORTH ENOUGH to talk ill or mistreat you.Even they do all sort of these dirty things you never do it back for them .Just be patient .You are not the person you were a second back .Every second your mood ,thoughts and attitude experience a change .

You have got no prior idea of what would happen in near future .whatever bad situations it may be now it will soon get a change. Things won’t remain the same .So have faith and be patient .


Never change your attitude because people hate it or find uncomfortable with it your are defined as so and so just  because of your attitude .We can’t please everyone or satisfy everyone .

Everybody will have haters no one can be liked by all not even GOD .

SO COOL ! But be aware that your attitude doesn’t harm people or hurt them .If it does there is nothing wrong in changing it .

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