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I can tell you many reasons why you need to stay positive .The foremost reason is "you have got atleast enough resources and money to access to internet and view this blog ".

Think of children and people in the slums who have not got enough water and food even for their basic needs .Even they stay positive and motivated that some day their life would change ,then why don't you ?.Always have one litttle thing in your mind ,

"Nothing is going to stay forever ".

You have no idea of what would happen even at the very next moment .How wise ,knowledgable or intelligent you may be but you can never predict what will happen in future .The only possible thing that you could do is have a thought that

"everything will change and situation will get favored ".





Your  mind is just like WATER ,it just flows as per your thoughts ,whenever you thing about something so deeply remember you are adding some filth to the water .Never take anything seriously (credits or negatives )or think about anything so deeply .S o what happens when you think about something very deep ,either it hurts you or your time gets wasted.

.Some people's speech may unknowingly hurt you ,but some people speak JUST TO HURT YOU .

When you just keep on thinking about how people hurted you ,about your ex ,how to become rich soon remember they are not going to earn you anything all they do is make your mind dirty enough that you no longer can concentrate about you and your loved ones.Keep your mind clean.


Just think how would it be if you can't hear and speak .

You will never know what people talk or gossip about you even if some one rebuke you never hear that .You just live in your world of cannot hear comments or feedbacks about you.This avoids a whole lot of problems in your life .

Why do you need someone else feed back to live your life ?

If you want to do something go ahead and do that never hear to critics and those stupid stuffs .It is easy to write that in text but difficult to follow in real life .But think why to lose your happiness for the sake of someone else ?

Someone would have hurt you with a single word ,they probably won't remember that but you keep on thinking about that all the time and waste a whole lot of time just thinking about that shit !.

Does it make any sense ?

Are you the only to worry ?definitely no.what will you do if you have a dirt over a floor ? yes "WIPE IT ".

don't hear to people and don't reply as well .That really makes you much happier .Just try out ! 


Ridiculous !

Have amnesia ,often delete your chat history .Don't look back at whatever you happened .Forget whatever people had done for you not because they deserve that just because you are matured enough not to take dirty things into mind  🙂

forgetting people's mistake takes some special skill ,you be a expert in that  .



Once my mom said me an incident which happened to mother teresa :

"when she went to get donation from rich guy he just spat on her face "

What you would probably do if you were in such situation .Don't you get angry even on reading this !

Do you know what mother  tereasa did ? She just replied ,

"Thanks for whatever you gave me .But what will you give to help my poor people ?"

What if she had taken that rude act into her mind and kept on thinking about it .That might even have stopped her from indulging in such service !We would have missed her right ?

Every one of you have got a heart inside but many times it gets hidden just because of our tiny mean acts .Just forgive people let them realize their mistakes even if they fail to realize may be they are just missing something ,that is not your problem .This act actually doubles up your happiness 🙂