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Being with friends is an awesome feel .Many people die due to stress and it is an alarming disease at present .Friendship relieves your stress ,Being in a relationship gives you the same feel but at times like breakup or something they even become the source of stress .

Unlike relationship friendship does not cause such effects .When you have friends they become a place where you can share any kind of your problems may it be personal,social,or financial problems .Most of the time people don’t actually need a solution to a problem all they need is someone to hear to them and support them .Friendship does that !


When you share your problems with your friends they analyse the problems in their prespective and give you some suggestions and advice to get out of that probelm.

Even though it is upto you to take those suggestions or ignore them.But still when you share your problems you get a better decision taking ability  about that .

But if you are alone and thinking about something all the time you can never end up in finding out a better solution .

But if you are with your friends you hear to multiple suggestions and multiple ways to tackle a single problem at least on or the other may help you out to solve it .


Everyone would have heard people saying ,“people who are lone are more prone to mental depression than people who are with friends” .

Being with friends you just forget everything that bothers you like your ex,financial probs,family problems ,loss and everything .

Human brain usually concentrate more on what  “it has not got” rather than “what it has got” .Thus chances are more that people always think about negative part of their life more often unless they are not indulged in something seriously.

But when you are with your friends they make you forget the time  .That gives your mind a break for sometime and makes it feel fresh and gives a relief


When you are out of stress when your mind is calm and wise enough to take decisions .It is a sign of good mental health and the ability of mind to transform and process information in a better way .

So have friends and be happy ever ;).Let us be friends dude !

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