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Money is the ultimate factor which affect your happiness .When you are short of money your needs won’t get satisfied ending up in worries .But mostly people are not worried about earning but worried about earning more and more ..

People are there even without their basic needs getting satisfied .When you feel you are not earning enough just think of people who are lower than you .People always compare themselves with others who are higher in position than them but they fail to look down at people who don’t even get what we have.

That is what actually is the prime reason for people losing their happiness .Everyone is better in their own way never compare your financial status with others .They may have their own sort of problems .Be happy with what you have .Time won’t remain the same someday you may be the YOU ,you wish to see yourself as.So don’t waste THIS SECOND worrying about  financial status .Just leave it ,put in your work ,let the life take its course 🙂


When you are true in your relationship sometimes you have to bear with pain .Sometimes you may need to miss your love ,stay away from them or you may be struggling to express yourself to them .

Mostly you end up not in just losing yourself but also in losing your happiness .But that is what actually love is all about ,yes sometimes you need to change yourself a little for the person you love but that does not mean you have to lose your happiness and you on the whole ,true love does not demand that. Check out this link to find out what true love really does .(To be posted soon !)


Friendship really have got a very power in controlling your happiness .You would have felt that many times in real life .Even when your love does not work, you are not unlucky until you have your friends .

They are the people who care for you and take part in all your good and bad ,they never demand you to change yourself .They accept you for what you are ,that is the reason why people are usually much happier in friendship than love .

When you are yourself there is no need for you to wear a mask to please others ,that actually gives you the happiness to be you .

People who don’t have much of friends actually experience a kind of mental stress .learn about how friendship can affect your health.

Things to do in friendship


This is another factor which affects your happiness .All parents always want their children to be first either in academics or extra curricular ,they want their children to TASTE the FRUIT OF SUCCESS.

If their children fail to do so ,they get worried .In this way children are DEMANDED to be successful to get respect and to be popular and rich  .When the children grow up they just have the same mind set fixed .If they face failures they are not ready to cope up with it and they get vexed and fed up. Sometimes they decide to end up their lives just because they can’t take up their failures .

Never teach your children to be successful (I know how much care a parent have for their children and their  growth but still ,let them face what they come across in their life path with your guidance and motivation .Instead you don’t walk for them)  Instead teach them to put in their work and leave the left to god or whatever you believe in .Not just for your kids but for you as well. Don’t let your success decide your happiness.  If you just achieve what ever you aim for ,be happy and satisfied .If you don’t achieve NEVER MIND .It is not such a serious issue to worry about .As you all would have experienced, one problem is always more messier than the other .When you get a much messier problem you just forget about lil problems .Same way ,you may have a much bigger success awaiting for you soon .Who knows ? It may be even a foot ahead ,so no worries 🙂


That’s quite normal .Peers usually play a dominant role in shaping our happiness .This is because we spend a lot of time with them next to our partner or family .

We knowingly or unknowingly listen to them and human brain just process the information what it hears to. It does not care whether you heard it willingly or not .The only way you can avoid peers having an effect on your happiness is to not take their words so seriously , may it be an advice or degradation.

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know how to face your peers


Attitude is how you react to people .You are actually more liable to get affected by your attitude .If people react to you rudely it does not mean you have to react to them in the same way .

check out how attitude affects your happiness.