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Don’t show off your mood in your face .When you are in anger ,frustration or fear try not to show them in your face .Because people may easily be able to find out what mood you are actually in simply by looking at you .You could easily identify people’s mood with their face.

That actually creates pleasure for someone who always is waiting to see you in such situation .Never give them such chances .People usually try to irritate you a lot and make fun of you especially when your mood is not that good .try not to show yourself as weak .

When you show off your mood only few people care for you and many may feel happy for that (I have felt that many times in my life sorry if i am wrong ! I did not mean all )


When you are in a bad mood try not talking with people .When you have a talk with someone at those time it actually leads you to show off your mood on that person ultimately ending up in a fight or losing someone valuable .

Hence it is always better keep mum for a time being .You will get back to normal after a time .Until then keep calm .


When you are in bad mood try to stay calm as much as possible .This allows your mind to refresh and take some wise decisions or at least prevent you from taking some silly decisions.

It helps you to stay away from problems ,Your are actually more liable to problems when you are in a bad mood because you don’t have control of your thoughts and mind in such situations .You will probably be out of your own control .So it is better to stay calm.


Never isolate yourself when you are in a bad mood .Being with people help you to reduce your stress in a short time .

When you isolate yourself your thoughts dominate you leading to some bad situations .But when you are in a crowd everyone try to distract your thoughts hence you have got higher possibility to calm down yourself soon and get a change of your mood .

Even if you feel irritated by surrounding yourself with crowd it is so necessary to do that in such moods .


Hear to people but never reply .Just listening to people distracts you but replying to them may create other problems especially when your mood is not that good .When you reply to people sometimes it may double up your bad mood .So zip it up


When you reply to people it means that either you want to make them understand what you are trying to convey or want them to understand your feeling  .But replying is not necessarily needed ,because your loved ones can understand your feelings at any situations .You don’t explain yourself to people  .That is actually a bad choice >

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