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Hi !

This post is about one of my personal experiences .

If you find it boring ,sorry for that .But it may help you to correct yourself from the mistake i have done .

” When i was at the final year of my high school i had a hair cut just like a boy ( i have to do it because of my health issues ) .It may be popular and casual among other countries but in Asian countries it is usually not that popular to have those styles .

So when i had such hair style i felt really very bad even to walk around in my school campus .When i walk everybody use to look just at me , i could see even some people having laughs and cracking comments among them. I was just in a very depressed state , i started hating going to school and going outings with my parents .

I just want to be at home all time expecting my hair to grow so fast ! Even when relatives visit my home i just hesitated to mingle with them so casually that i usually do . I am a very happy girl not caring about anything even when i was in hospital nearly for months i never worried even a day .I use to take things very casually but the hair style made me to worry .

Especially when there are functions or something i have to wear traditional dress and that makes feel the worst ,i took many leave just because i was not ready to show myself off in that traditonal wear ,being a 18 years old girl and having such hair style usually reduces your confidence drastically ,if i am to wear some jeans and tops with such hair style it won’t look much bad but i have to wear salwar for my school and that is what the hardest part is ,i just looked like a kid in primary when i saw myself in front my mirror with those uniforms ;( 

One day when i was just browsing something i saw some posts about people with cancer and how they lose their hair just because of that disease .That is when i worried about how it would be for them (“only if you feel something personally you would know others pain”, my mom use to say me that often)

I really felt their pain and i just made up myself to be myself and decided that let me teach these people about fashion ,and make them understand that looks are not just about your hair and it is all about your attitude towards life.

I just searched for some style that i could make with the hair  i got and just made a style .I use to feel hesitated moving around but i decided that my looks should no way destroy my happiness and i ignored people’s comments and their opinions about me ,because i am born to be me and not to satisfy them .When i changed my attitude i saw a very wonderful change with people around me.

Many people in my school whom i have never met before came to me and said that “ I AM YOUR FAN !”

I could never forget that moment in my life it is not just because of my style but because of my care free attitude .They said me that ,”i don’t care about what other people think of me and that inspires them to be the same” .I was the only girl in school to have such style and now this time i started feeling PROUD about it !.

I just wished to roam around how often i could and even teachers use to have talks with me and I became a very known face in the whole school .Everybody knows me and i started getting huge huge  number of friends and FANS .That is when even the principal and director of my school came to know about me , they did not even know whether a girl like me existed before but know it is not the case , you can find no one who don’t know me 😉

Now my hair has grown  but still i could never forget those golden times of my life .Even now i use to think how those days would have been if i have just been depressed and stayed hesitated , those time would have been a HELL ! and I would have lost many memories and golden moments of my life .

That is when i understood, how being yourself and your attitude can bring out a change in your life in such pleasant way .I just want to share you guys about this experience ,it is actually one among the reasons why i started my blog ,i just want to tell you people about my experience like this so that you too don’t waste your precious life .Because YOU LIVE ONCE !

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