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Money is the thing which primarily affect your happiness .This blog as said earlier is not about how to make money .There are lots and lots of blogs dealing with such contents .

This blog is all  about making you happy ,as money is the primary factor which affects your happiness ,i just tried my best to give some easy money making methods   .They wont make you millionaire ,but they could help you earn as much to satisfy your basic needs .

1. PTC (paid to click )

Watch ads daily and earn money .That simple!.there are many websites which offer money to just watch ads .Sign up with one of those websites and watch ads which are of usually 10 – 30 seconds in duration .

You get paid upto 0.02 -0.03 $ per ad.The restriction you have is that you can not watch ads continuously ,you are usually given with limited number ads a day ,to earn upto maximum try to watch all the ads given .

Watching ads does not necessarily mean to WATCH (you can just play the ads and continue with your work 😉  ).you get paid through payza .Never give your credit card details as it is not usually suggested avoid sites which ask for such details .There are many blogs which specially deals with these content in detail and with proof !.I have provided one such link below in this page .check that out .


just like ptc you can also earn money by taking part in are usually provided with some questions to answer and are asked to give some feedbacks ,and you get paid for you survey and feedback .simple right .check out the link below to know about some trusted sites in which you can take part in surveys and earn money


making money with apps is lot easier .just install some apps ,those apps get you paid for every time you unlock your phone ,these apps play ads at the phone’s lock screen so everytime you unlock your phone your phone plays an ad and some apps just pay you even if you are to cancel the ad after a second it started playing whereas some pay you only if you are watch the entire ad ,it depends .

Some of such apps include:

  1. slide joy

  2. adme

  3. whaff locker

  4. perk screen

some apps even pay you for the miles you walk !


And another well known source of income is blog ,if you have some content of your own to display ,you can stat up with a blog with shared hosting in different hosting platforms .If are going to start a blog make sure you have got some really interesting content if your aim of starting a blog is to ultimately to “MAKE MONEY”.Already the internet is filled with:

     “news blogs,tech blogs,how to do blogs ,finance and money making blogs”

so make new choices like teaching people a skill you have got like art

  1. tailoring

  2. may be even with make up and

  3. how to dress up elegently

  4. doing different hair styles

  5. helping people with cooking and s

But it is a long term process some may hit six figures even in a year but some make make their first $100 in a year ! .It depends upon you dedication and the way your content is placed how far it helps people and the way you promote it ,so make sure you get to know all these and have a clear cut idea before you start with a blog.

Before you start ,visit numerous blogs to see how it is structured and how to promote it ,interact with bloggers and have a great content.

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If you have some unique skills make use of that to make money .Not everyone has a blessing having a skill only some do ,if you are one among those use your skill .If you are good at art ,music ,cooking ,tailoring or other such activities take

  1. part time classes
  2. go for online courses (initially start for free and go for premium .This gives a trusty note among the customers )
  3. if you are good at writing you can write post and get paid ,publish e-books and write for blogs for money
  4. if you are good at technical side you can earn with coding ,creating apps and more


This is actually for people who want to take risks and are confident about overcoming them.Not everyone can know skills not everyone has technical knowledge .

But inspite of those some reach very great heights just because they have confidence in themselves and what they do .

Just take life story of any successful personality they would have reached this level only after crossing many hurdles ,you must have a stubborn heart to meet those .

Once i read the life history of the owner of FedEx how he just made a bang even after a bankrupt .Blogging actually acts like a demo for such process ,even after months of posting and promoting contents you would have earned just about $200 !

Some give up but some stay stubborn enough to get back in six figures after 2 years .For people who gave up, making six-figures would be a night mare,but for the people who stood stubborn inspite of all odds ,they know how to face life .

These methods as i said earlier are to make you earn enough to satisfy your needs .If you already earn fairly these may increase a bit of your wallet .Always know people who never try something new or who just want to make QUICK MONEY either end up getting fooled or sad .

But always remember inspite of all these factors some get rich faster some are BORN RICH when you look at those you eventually feel fed up with life .Absolutely your LUCK  too plays a role.But your attitude has a mojor role to play in .

Blogging you may think is a quick money making way but definitely not only if you are into that process you would get to know how much of work you have to put in to reach heights .

Just do whatever you do with a love and passion and never expect or hope .People usually say me have hopes and expectations but to be happy you just have to FLOW with life.Who knows what may happen tomorrow ? Just wake up and you may be the millionaire ! .So never be too hard running behind money let free and everything comes to you 🙂