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First find your domain.Whether you want to be musico or writer or techno or whatever .Find the domain you dominate .Decide what you want to specialize in your domain.If music is your domain decide which instrument you are going to get specialized with .

If you want to be a multi-specialized guy ,don’t just learn all stuffs .Stick to one at a time and complete it with full heart and move on to another .


When you have fixed your ambition .It is now time to know about it well. Get possible information about it, about new developments made and about its pros and cons .Keep your self updated with all information with regards to your domain in specific


Never do anything just because “she said ,he said ,internet said “.No all those.You are the one who is going to face the consequences of your action No one will take part in your result unless it is a happy ending .Persuing your passion is the key to success .Never do that unless your mind say YES DO IT !


If you want to be successful ,you must have a plan .But having a plan does not mean you will succeed definitely .But people who succeed will definitely have a plan If you are to start something without a plan you will most probably mess up things .Have a clear plan of what to do and when .


Put your hard or smart work in whatever you do .I prefer smart work to hard work .People usually say work HARD to succeed .You must work all 24 hours a day if you want to attain your goal .It is not always the case .

It varies with people.Some may finish up their task within minutes but some take much time to do the same .It does not mean one is better than the other .It is because their brain is designed to work bit faster .They may have extraordinary reaction to things in which they are interested in .

If you are smart enough, plan and do things in different shorter way to save your time .But make sure not to waste your saved time and at the same time never rush up your work just because you need to complete them in shorter span .

Whatever you do,do it with your concentration .That yields better results .


Planning alone is not enough .Execution is what much more important .Execute your plans in a perfect order.Never PROCRASTINATE .When you do a simple procrastination it affects your daily routine forcing you to skip it or rush up at the end .Even if you feel you could manage it well,try your best to do it as per your plan .


Most people say shortcuts can never lead you to success .But i prefer shortcuts.Shortcuts does not mean” cheating or learn it in 10 days or something else “.It is something like instead of reading a whole book tell a friend of yours to narrate it so that you could understand better and save time .Take only such shortcuts .


Always stay motivated .Never expect other people to motivate you or boost you up.Not everyone is ready to do that Only you know your plus and minus .When you find one of your plans does not help you out ,frame another and try with it i.Just keep trying .Frame your plan by analyzing all your positives and negatives .

Motivation is the force which drives us .

Sometimes, at some black day we may get thoughts like

“should i do that?”

“when everyone is there enjoying why should i work hard ?”

” why don’t i skip my plan for a week ?”

“I don’t think i could do  it .”

All those black thoughts may and will arise .So only if you keep yourself motivated ,you could cross all those thoughts and someday you would be happy for your decision 😉



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