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Try to spend a minute or so with your friends .spending some time with them increases your bonding with them .It is not that only if you spend time with them friendship gets stronger .But spending time with them makes you happy .

Distance is not a matter to consider in friendship . when you have a talk with your friends sharing your feelings, hearing to theirs, you will mentally have a good feel and relief .your friend may not say you that he/she misses you or some emotional talks like that ,but they do miss you and don’t express those .It is your responsibility to understand them and have a talk with them ,you may not need their consolation but they may be in need of that .So spend at least 15 minutes with your friends .


Everything in this world is a give and take .You give love and take back (Sometimes you may not get back 😉 )but does nit matter .You just keep giving your love at least that makes you to be happy .Friendship is mainly about caring when you care for your friends with 1% love you will get that back as 100% and that is what is the speciality of friendship is !

Everyone need a heart to share their feelings ,to express their love and grief and to care for them .

But not everyone gets a bf/gf or not everyone is interested in love or not everyone’s parents are friendly enough to talk so freely with their children .But friends satisfy all those unfulfilled wishes .They give you love more than a lover ,care for you somewhat like your parents (no one can ever be your mom or dad ) , entertain you and understand you more than anyone .They play many roles in your life .It is thus important to care them too 🙂


Never make them to feel so lone .If you really care for them you probably won’t do that .Everyone will not have a gang of friends .Some one may have some best 2 or 3 ,but some may have a gang but only few remains true .

You can make everyone as your friends but “TRUE” means for some .If someone have a huge bunch of friends it does not mean that he/she is always happy and cared .Even in bunch only few really cares .


Friendship is not about age.You may have even a 5th grader or 50 years old guy as your friend .It is not about age or how elder or younger they are.It is all about how much they understand you .Even if the 5th grader makes you feel happy and cared he definitely deserves to be your friend.

More than having friends at same age group having elder or younger friends give you an awesome feel .Suppose you are a middle ager or a teen and if you have a kid as your friend you will learn many things from him and will find out how to enjoy even little things and excite much for little happiness .It actually makes your mind clear and you get more ideas and creativity .

And in contrary if you have an elder friend ,you can learn how to face different situations in life.Actually those people are the real matured ones and have came across many situations and they will GUIDE you better ,as you could not share everything with your parents ,having friends at such age groups can give you better feel and you can get advice from them at things which you probably could not share with your parents.

So never hesitate to have friends at various age groups .It is actually a pleasure !


Friendship is not about trusting everyone ,as i already said even if you have a bunch of friends there can be only some to whom you share all about your love ,personal and other secrets .

Those are your best true real friendship .Never ever break the trust that those people have on you ,that is the biggest sin you could do.

If they tell you their secrets it is because those people love you and trust you more than themselves ,that is why even if they can’t maintain something as a secret they believe you could , don’t fail that trust !


Always give your friends a good response .When you have expectations and when someone fails to fulfill it ,the expectations turn into anger .

Never let your loved ones expectations turn into anger .If they do not tell you ,it does not mean they don’t mind  if you don’t care for them .They too need your reply for messages ,wishes for their birthdays and little of your care for sure .So don’t fail to respond them !


Help them and stand with them in all their bad and odd situations .When they are in need of your help and if you could help them do that .sometimes they may be in short of money , if you can really help them at those situations never hesitate .Mere words won’t heal everything or solve all problems especially with financial crisis .Take part in their problems and help them overcome it and never fail to stand with them even if everyone stand against them (if it is for a good sake ) .

But at the same time take a lead to correct them if they are bad .To stand with them does not mean you have to stand with them for whatever they do ,it means to give them a moral support for the good they are carrying out.


Be their protector .

When you get a chance to protect them do that  .Especially when you have a girl bestie it is definitely  your DUTY to protect her and safeguard her 😉


Friendship is just more than a relationship .when there is no one around to rise you up ,will there will be one little voice which will give you all strength ,support, motivation and power to carry out things .

It is a holy bonding which you can find only with some. Just motivate your friends and bring them to great heights .Motivation is actually something which many people lag ,some need just that to grow ,there should always be someone to motivate you .Let you be a motivator to your friend and their growth gives you a happiness .That is what friendship is all about right ?! 🙂

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